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Escape Rooms Ranked

Okay, the idea of ranking the escape rooms we visit is going to become unmanageable very quickly, but this is the post that will be continually updated with the scoreboard.

This scoreboard is the list of escape rooms I've played, from most favorite to least. As it grows, it gets reshuffled based on the wind. This is a completely subjective list, which is what I think would be most useful to you, the reader. Or, it's what I would want, if I were searching the internet for reviews.   

Click on the names to read the reviews and find out what I liked, didn't like, or learned about myself at each game. 

  1. Evil Genius: Occam's Apartment
  2. Room Escape Live: The Bunker
  3. Escape Chronicles: Testing Facility
  4. Quicksand Escape (San Diego): The Diner
  5. Red Lantern Escape Rooms: Midnight on the Bayou
  6. 60 Out: The Wizard's Workshop
  7. Exit Game: The Lab
  8. 60 Out: Titanic
  9. 60 Out: The Zen Room
  10. Maze Rooms: The Castle
  11. 60 Out: Ghost Ship
  12. Escape Era San Diego: Déja Vu
  13. MagIQ: The Pirates Cove
  14. Escapology (Las Vegas): The Budapest Express
  15. 60 Out: The Hangover
  16. Xterious Escape (Las Vegas): Bugsy's Nightmare
  17. Enigma Escape: The Crime Scene
  18. Escape Hunt Experience Cleveland: Murder in the Old Manor House
  19. 60 Out: Senator Payne
  20. Amazing Escape: Mystery of the Red Dragon
  21. Enigma Escape: The Will
  22. Great Redemption: Great Redemption
  23. Amazing Escape: Escape From Corporation X
  24. Perplexity Games (Cleveland): The Clockwork Caper
  25. Maze Rooms: Lunar Escape
  26. Cryptic Escape: Stuck in Time
  27. Exit Game: The Villain's Lair
  28. Escape Hotel: Witchcraft
  29. SCRAP: Escape From the Magic Show

Unless otherwise noted, all of the games on this list are located in the broadly-defined Los Angeles area.