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Escape Room Reviews: The Zen Room

Company: 60 Out
Room: Zen Room
Date Played: 1/22/17
Player Count: 4
Success:  Success!

Premise: You are in your happy zen place, assuming you're someone who likes escape games. Now to put everything right and get back to the world. Or something. The real premise is 'what if everything in the room was white?'

Immersion: Well, everything in the room WAS white. Or as white as can be after X amount of grubby handed players have come through. 9/10 on that front. 

Highlights: Some of the interactions in this room are very satisfying. Several required good teamwork, even though we spent probably half the game split up and working on separate problems. As always, 60 Out makes the best magical objects.

Lowlights: This room falls prey to what might be 60 Out's biggest weakness: room design that amounts to just lining the walls with gadget stations. I mean, you get to check out a bunch of gadgets, so that's good, but it doesn't look like anything. It's less of a simulation and more like a midway. Best case, some stations serve multiple purposes. One of them, I have no idea how it helped us, if it did. 

And Finally:  This is as close as I've seen to an Escape Room-themed escape room. (Which, btw, I totally want to play. Open the second room and... it's the first room again!) and tries to bring to life an idea that fascinated me in middle school, if you could paint everything in a room in subtle shades so that when you walked in and turned on the light, you saw nothing.  Anyway, out of 17 games played, I'm going to try slotting this one in at #5.

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