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Escape Room Reviews: Titanic

Special note: we were beta testers for this room, which was not yet open to the public at the time that we played. 

Company: 60
Date Played: 9/22/16
Player Count: 2, which is enough
Success:  Success!
Premise: It’s the Titanic. Pretty much all it does is sink. Get out of there!

Immersion: At the beginning of the game, things felt very urgent indeed, but that feeling fades fairly quickly.  The set is very nice, although a couple of items seemed a little anachronistic (and may have been replaced after the beta test). The background screams of drowning passengers started to sound like people enjoying a roller coaster after a little while. 

Highlights: The fun factor on this room is really high.  As I mention with every review of a 60 Out room, they're tops at magical objects, but the non-magic puzzles are also pretty clever. Although there are a couple of standard locks, a lot of what this room has to offer is much more tactile and involving. 

Lowlights: As with the Ghost Ship, we got really stuck on something fairly early where we had the right idea, but the thing we wanted to do didn't seem possible. We got past it eventually, but not without a) asking for a hint that didn't help because we already worked out what we thought the thing did, and b) applying WAY more force than I would have thought necessary. 

Some of the props were a little subpar or even broken for a room that isn't subject to public consumption yet, but I'm confident that all of those issues will be sorted out by the time the room is open to the world. 

And Finally:   Hey, this was the second time in two days that we found a [XXX] in a [XXX] on a [XXX] in a room by 60 Out!

If I were clicking around on a company's website, trying to pick a room to play, I think it would have been a long time before I settled in on a Titanic-themed room, but the fact is that this is my favorite 60 Out room to date.  In contrast to Ghost Ship, this room has an unusually low amount of things, but they are used in ways that are mostly more concrete and satisfying.

Out of 13 escape rooms played, I'm going to rank this one #4. 

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