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Written by Rob Schultz (human).

Escape Room Reviews: The Pirate's Den

Company: MagIQ
Room: Pirate’s Den
Date Played: 1/5/17
Player Count: 2. We could have easily had one or two more.
Success:  Success!

Premise: Treasure is inherently desirable. Pirates have treasure.

Immersion: Some props were a little well-worn, but the pirate ship looked great! It's fun to be able to look through the portholes and see 'outside.' This room is low tech and lock-based.

Highlights: This room had a fun variety of things to do. Although some puzzle types are repeated, they are accompanied by some fun objects that look like they belong on board the ship. The end game was exciting and felt urgent, even though we didn't know how much time was left on the clock.

Lowlights: Succeeding in this room requires a lot of Spot Hidden checks, which is an area where we sometimes come up short when playing as a duo. More eyes means finding more secrets faster!  One of the locks, even though we knew what we were looking for, we never found it and I forgot to ask the GM after. (We spun the last dial of the lock.)  Another puzzle was so well-worn that clues were no longer necessary. 

And Finally:   Thanks to a groupon we didn't want to expire, this room made for a fun date night. I had the prejudice that it was perhaps meant for kids (the room can be adjusted to suit birthday parties and such), and even that the *IQ locations around town were somehow 'less than' other companies, but that's all stuff and nonsense. It kept us busy for most of an hour, had some depth we weren't expecting, and it was fun. Out of 16 rooms played, this room takes the #7 spot away from last week's review.

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