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Escape Room Reviews: One Way Ticket

Company: Maze Rooms
Room: One Way Ticket
Date Played: 9/4/17
Player Count: 4, which was plenty
Success:  Success!

Premise: You’re on a train! Also, there’s a bomb. On the train. Something to think about.

Immersion: The production design of the train is terrific. This set does not give the same sense of traveling between cars that Escapology's train game does, but the train decor is lovely, and the engineer’s station is steampunk fun.

Highlights: This room has a pretty good flow to it, and the set, as I say, looks great. The end game has some fun moments and interactions. I thought the section involving train routes was neat.

Lowlights:  We got stuck once, caved and asked for help, and it turned out to be one of those situations where we let a finicky prop convince us the right answer was the wrong answer.

And Finally:   This room is very heavy on collectibles. It’s not a very difficult game, but there’s a fair amount of search to do. This would be an excellent room for new players. Our group found it a little bit short. It would be fun to play as just a couple, but of course Maze Rooms discourages that (financially). Out of 32 games played, I'm putting this one down as #14. 

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