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Escape Room Reviews: Grandma's Master Plan

Company: 60 Out
Room: Grandma’s Master Plan
Date Played: 8/6/17
Player Count: 4
Success:  Success!

Premise: From the company website, "The story begins when your granny suddenly disappears without notice. No one has a clue where she is, but one day you come across a letter in which your grandmother reveals a secret about her inheritance. All you have to do is to go into her house and find it -- simple, right? We'll see about that."

Immersion: This is an escape unlike any I’ve ever done before. In a lot of games, any failure of the set design to simulate a real-world location makes the game an approximation of the real thing, but I believe Grandma’s to be the first *impressionist* Escape Room that I’ve played. Each of the multiple rooms is stripped down to the vital and memorable bits, yes, but I don’t believe that they are, in the story, literally connected to each other. Each space is probably a different location, and would take place some time after the previous space. They are more like levels of a video game than a literal hour (or in this case, 75 minutes) in your characters’ afternoon.

Highlights: As in every 60Out game, Grandma’s brings sharp set and prop design, an abundance of magical objects (our pet term for objects that are probably outfitted with some kind of sensors to ‘know’ when they’ve been used correctly, as opposed to traditional padlocks), and cleverly designed spaces to explore. Some of the interactions are very neat. One puzzle that I’ve seen used before (in another 60Out game, no less!) worked better here than anywhere else I’ve seen it done. 

Lowlights: Player damage in one area lead us to accidentally skip a puzzle, because a ‘locked’ item no longer closed properly. One prop was especially finicky. The gold shown in the advertisement turns out to be fake. These are very small complaints. 

And Finally:   This is an extra large room, and you are given an extra large amount of time (at an extra large price) to solve it all. Our team didn’t find anything in the room to be especially difficult or mind bending, but there is indeed a lot of it. Which is great! All four of us had plenty to do. 60Out has an offer where one player in your group plays for free on or near their birthday (which our foursome has taken advantage of a bunch this year), and this game was a real birthday treat. Out of 31 games played, this gets a solid #6, and it’s found its way into my heart as my current favorite at any 60Out location. 

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