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Escape Room Reviews: Lunar Escape

Company: Maze Rooms
Room: Lunar Escape
Date Played: 7/2/16
Player Count: 3, which was plenty!

Success:  Success!

Premise: "You are on moon base, but the problem is, nothing works.  You know, like in movies? But there is rescue ship coming to get you!" You also need to grab a sample of a space rock on your way out the escape hatch.

Immersion: Everything we loved about The Castle's introduction was back with flying colors! However, in stark contrast to The Castle, this room is beautiful. The design and decoration is really top notch, the best I've seen. We got some costumes to wear.

Highlights: The set is fantastic. The finale is very cool, and the beginning has a couple of puzzles that are enjoyable to work though. All of the things you're not supposed to have or use, like your purse or phone, went into a plastic box that you take with you into the room. I like this approach.

Lowlights: One object was broken in a way that required the keeper to run in and fix it, which kind of breaks the spell of being stranded on the moon. At least one puzzle was solved by accident and we didn't understand why. Our keeper was too chatty on the radios, offering us hints, anti-hints ("that's not what you need to do"), or offers to skip ahead. I think we'd rather not communicate with the keeper unless we initiate it or we need, like, a safety warning. 

And Finally:   Compared to the other Maze Room we've played, this one had a very linear path. It was almost more like a guided story experience than a puzzle room. I think we physically needed three people in order to complete one part, but a bigger group is going to have a hard time finding enough things to do.

Out of 4 rooms escaped, Lunar Escape ranks #3.

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