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Written by Rob Schultz (human).

The Most Overused Superhero Movie Plot

The story of how a superhero gained their super powers might be the most commonly told story in the superhero movie genre, but the most boring story, almost as frequently told, is to do with how a superhero has lost their superpowers.  You know, to prove it's not the powers that make them so super?

  • Superman loses his powers in Superman II.
  • Spider-Man loses his powers in Spider-Man 2.
  • Thor loses his powers in Thor 1.
  • Iron Man loses all the suits in Iron Man Three.
  • Mystique, Rogue, Magneto, really just a bunch of people 'cure' their powers in X-Men 3.
  • Wolverine loses his healing powers in The Wolverine, just enough.
  • Professor X loses his powers in Days of Future Past. (and all the other movies?)
  • Batman is depowered (so to speak) in The Dark Knight Rises.
    • Twice!
    • And then he quits again!
      • I think he quits in Batman Forever too.
  • How about that movie where Nick Cage is an angel?
  • Or that movie where Nick Cage is Ghost Rider 2?
  • Or Hancock in Hancock?
  • Or Men in Black 2?
  • Or Austin Powers 2?
  • Meteor Man?
  • The Power Rangers movie?
  • The new TMNT?

This is the dumbest superhero movie plot. It's like if all those horror movies where someone takes ten seconds to go "damn! no cell reception!" so that they can get on with the movie made the next 75 minutes about the characters' journey to discover it was never the phone that made 911 calls, cellular communication was a gift that those characters had, deep inside their hearts all along.