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Escape Room Reviews: Prison

Company: Maze Rooms LA
Room: Prison
Date Played: 11/26/17
Player Count: 5, which was plenty
Success:  Success!

Premise: You’re in jail. Nobody likes being in jail. Get out of jail!

Immersion: This didn’t feel much like jail. Maybe it’s like being in the jail of a minor league stadium, or a contentious corporate headquarters. 

Highlights: The best thing about this game for our group was the contrast it had next to 60Out’s Dracula, which we played earlier the same day. This game was much more to do with physical locks and mechanical interactions than Dracula’s emphasis on magical objects. It did a good job of showing our new players the range of styles out there. Also, I liked their map.

Lowlights: Some of the items and devices in this room are pretty nonsensical for a prison theme. 

And Finally:   This room might as well be called ‘office break room.’ We started out in jail cells, but truly, must not have been stuck in them for more than 90 seconds. I suspect this must be one of the earliest games in the Maze Rooms collection, and admittedly, we chose it by seeing what was open that we could use a discount code on about an hour in advance. Although LA has some premium games that are pushing ticket prices higher, I think companies with a wide gamut of games should start pricing the old ones down a few bucks to keep them full. Out of 40 games played, this one is getting a rank of #33.

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