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#2,413: The Last Jedi

The Dinner - ★☆☆☆☆
For a movie with so much going on, not much happens. It’s weird how they landed such good actors for a few roles, then cast the rest with friends of the crew and raffle winners What’s worse, not enough dinner. Fans of The Trip will be expecting to see Steve Coogan pontificating over an absurdly luxurious meal, and in this installment, we barely learn about the line-caught trout.

Table 19 - ★★☆☆☆
Moving along in our tour of disappointing dining (we were hoping to watch a hole week of movies with people eating dinner), this movie is what you might call: not great. Review is one of my very favorite shows in recent memory, and this is directed by one of the creators and director of Review. Andy Daly even has a nice little cameo. Alas, Table 19 has a dearth of acts and a wealth of endings scattered all throughout. It gets better once they escape the horrible wedding, but not by enough.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - ★★★★☆
Wow! Well, this movie is certainly less ‘fun’ than 7. I think that’s fine. 8 both advances the story and checks a dozen boxes of picky complaints people have had about 7 or earlier movies. I once spent a weekend hanging out with Rian Johnson and we talked so much about Brazil – I was so happy for him at all of the nods in this. I mean, it’s practically sacrilege that someone gets a throwaway line and doesn’t use one of the Star Wars Numbers, it’s 27B-6! And the magnifier in the throne room! My biggest disappointment was that the audience in my sold out screening was so quiet. This movie has big surprises!

(Second biggest is I caught on to a thing at the end really early. I bet it's more fun if it blows you away.) sure I’ll be back to see it again next week sometime. Can’t wait!