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Escape Room Reviews: Stuck in Time

Company: Cryptic Escape Rooms
Room: Stuck in Time
Date Played: 4/30/17
Player Count: 6 (2 + 4 strangers)
Success:  Success!

Premise: Your Time Travel-o-Tron shorted out, and you’re stuck in the past. Instead of becoming a wealthy ruler of all you survey, you must solve puzzles to return to the future.

Immersion: There wasn't any to speak of. Nothing seemed like it was truly of the era it was set in. Each part of the game had unnecessary anachronisms (which I can ignore for the good of the game in room escapes set in the miscellaneous past, but they stand out all the more in the room that's about time travel). 


  • There were a couple of cool ideas for puzzles that I haven't seen elsewhere.
  • We got along well with our team of strangers.
  • The location was pretty easy to find for an escape room business.


  • Some of the tech was broken or very finicky for a newish room. It felt like we were beta testing.
  • Our tickets were more expensive than the tickets of the people who were in the room with us. (In private rooms, there is sometimes a premium for bringing a smaller group - Cryptic Escape charges this premium even though they do not have private booking.)
  • This room contains red herrings.

And Finally:   Despite the premium pricing, this is not a premium room.  The street where this company is located has several other companies, and although I haven't been to any of them, I would recommend giving them a shot first.  Out of 23 games played, I'm slotting this into the list at number 20. 

How to book this room yourself: Visit