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Escape Room Reviews: The Hangover

Special note: I played this one for free, as part of a friend's bringer job interview process.
Company: 60 Out
Room: The Hangover
Date Played: 6/14/17
Player Count: 5, me and 4 mostly-strangers, including some first-timers.
Success:  Success!

Premise: You're in the mob, see? And the big boss is on his way back from the big house, see? And you better figure out where the money ended up after last night's little "party," or you're going to be the next one to sleep with the fishes.

Immersion: As is often the case at 60 Out, the set looks great. Good production design, and very few if any regular locks - the emphasis is on "magical objects," or things that can sense when they're in the correct position. Unfortunately, as is also often the case at 60 Out, a few things were broken or kind of worn out.

Highlights: This game starts strong with a non-linear section that let our group wander away from one another and explore. I like the puzzle structure of solving these puzzles so you can solve that puzzle, as opposed to 'and then, and then, and then.' Makes you feel like you're doing something with intention. The finale is kind of exciting. 

Lowlights: The pace really dropped for us at the midpoint, with a couple of moments that required our GM to chime in to let us know something was correct but finicky. 

And Finally:  The situation which led me to play this room was kind of an odd one - apparently part of the job application process to become a GM is bringing some folks in to play a game? I'm super curious about what they're looking for. The game went smoothly for our group of mostly-newbies, and I thought it was kind of amusing that my experience with previous games led me astray as often as it gave me a boost. As well done as the room is, I don't think it's as innovative or through-and-through great as some of the others 60 Out has on offer, so out of 26 games played, I'm going to call this #14. 

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