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Frequency Earth 106 - Ship's Log

This week, The Jeff wonders how he can ever complete his mission, especially when there's not even a record of his travels. I always like when we get the chance to poke at accepted conventions a little bit. (One of my favorite examples, from episode 2: "Why would we have a trash compactor? To save room in space?") 

This is also about when the show starts getting a little bit longer, with more transmissions. In this episode, we have the Snake Gameshow, unique amongst our transmissions in that it is, so far, the only one transcribed from a dream; Journey to the Surface of the Earth guest-starring the delightful Mountain Man Academy; Round Pizza, a classic mapping scene; and a personal favorite, Lebling and Blank's Radio Circus. I love that one of the biggest acts in the days of radio was a ventriloquist act. I think if radio shows had been available in radio back then, flying lion tamers could have been the next big thing.

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