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Written by Rob Schultz (human).

Frequency Earth 107: 100 Days

This show came out of the idea to start a sketch group. I thought I’d get a group together, we’d write stuff, fight over it like you read about in retrospectives on famous sketch groups, and then record stuff. Maybe we could do it every week!

Turns out it’s super hard. After a bunch of failed meetings, I decided it would be faster to just write the whole show myself, and we’d cast performers we knew, who were much happier to lend us just an hour here and there to read words from a page. And with no regular cast we could work with all kinds of people!

So half a dozen episodes in, once we’d decided we were making a good show, and wouldn’t be wasting anyone’s time by involving them, we set our sights higher! I’d had a working relationship with Matts Besser and Walsh of the Upright Citizens Brigade, and both were extremely kind and game to be a part of the show.

Also, we spent years recording all of the pieces for KILL MORE HUMANS, and it’s my favorite in this episode that also features a scene by Asterios Kokkinos, Wondermark’s David Malki !, and YES Network reality star David Brand. Enjoy!