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Pacific Time

(first things first) It never occurred to me, until last season when I was actually in the pacific time zone myself, that the ticking clock seen on 24 wouldn't be EST (or EDT, depending).

Spinning around in my chair with my eyes closed in order to be surprised when I opened them by how far I did or didn't travel (despite the audio clues of the computer fans) made me dizzy, which is something I can't remember the last time I experienced. That's not unlike the summer, oh, maybe 15 years ago, when I couldn't remember the last time I coughed. Aren't blogs great?

The only thing that would make this entry even worse would be to include a link to some tired wannabe meme. So of course, I did, but I put it at the top of this entry so that you'd hit it first and be compelled to hit the back button to read the rest of this, which triggers an especially loathesome series of events. Thanks, internet!