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Wrong holiday.

As I recall, and can piece together from historical fact. I got the NES title Dragon Warrior for Christmas 1989. My dad and I played that one together a lot, and more accurately, he completed the game and I watched. Fair enough, I may have been too young to properly grasp everything going on in there anyhow. On New Year's Day, I recall us spending the entire day down in the basement, where the NES lived, chipping away at that game. At least all during the day up until dinner, which was a turkey-and-all-the-trimmings kind of spread, which my mom cooked while she watched the Macy's parade and we hid out in the basement, hitting slimes with a stick, hoping to earn enough money for a copper sword in case a wolfman showed up on our way to Ridmular for keys.

Anyhow, just thinking of that. I hope everyone's having a SpooooOOOooky ThaaaaAanksgiiiviing!