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Frequency Earth 103 - New Plastic Card

Hey, we made it to episode 3! I think the show starts to hit it's stride about now, with the goings-on aboard the ship starting to take on a bigger role in the show.

In our original run, this episode was far and away the most popular and most listened-to. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe everybody just loves hearing Nick Mandernach as the cafeteria robot. 

This week, on AA-23, The Jeff is pre-approved for a credit card and finds lots of ways to use it.

Transmissions include 9-11 Non-Emergency, guest written by G. Maximilian Zarou, the Doc Fiendish catalogue, and Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine in Physical Attraction. Plus, Z-Rob!

Also, in addition to iTunes, Google Play, Podtail, and Overcast, as of this week you can find us in Spotify, Radio Public, Player.FMTuneIn, and Stitcher. so subscribe and stream away!