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#2,162: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Entourage - ★★½☆☆
This is a movie beyond reviews. What review could help it or hurt it? Who was going to this movie and then read a review and thought twice? This is the Power Rangers movie - slightly more expensive, slightly fancier titles, still just a big episode of the show, and like every episode of the show, consequence-free!

I liked that there's a scene shot on my street. On a Wednesday too, since the street fair thing is in the background.

Mad Max: Fury Road - ★★★★½
We go to the movies to hide from the world and ourselves. This wasn't quite as gleeful and exciting the second time around, but there's so much going by so quickly that I think I had more time to pick up on bits of dialogue and finer details.

Movie nerd websites seem to be abuzz with details of the making of the movie. Did you know there wasn't really a miles-wide sand-and-lightning storm on the set? I don't think I want any of that. There's a lot of information about how this movie was made in the movie.

Los Angeles Plays Itself - ★★★☆☆
This feels both dated and ahead of its time. This kind of video essay would be a whole YouTube channel today. It's amazing though, that someone managed to clear all the permissions for a good quality version of this to exist.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - ★★★★☆
Another fine high school movie this year. I'm always a sucker for the trope (?) of people remaking movies on the super cheap and creative, like in Home Movies or Be Kind Rewind. Sweet and great that a moment at the end that could've been a Big Reveal only reveals... that one character is a complex and interesting person.

I think I may have seen this with the editor in the room, or at least the editor's family, since there was a big cheer from the back of the theater when his credit went by.