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Unacceptable, Part 22

Two important things to note about this week's Unacceptable, available today on The Higgs Weldon:

  1. It marks yet another crossover. At least our third, by my back-of-the-envelope reckoning. O Tannenbomb and Arson Welles are villains secondary to an idea so good that:
    1. I'm loathe to mention it, lest it be stolen, which is silly, and
    2. Someone else must have already done it, but still I like it.
  2. There is literal evidence that I am the only one reading these stories. I suspect that visitors to The Higgs Weldon see "Part 22" and worry that even though I take the time to make each installment accessible to newcomers and explain who's who and what's what, they haven't read the previous 21 parts and so, by gum, they're not reading this one. They've got a perfect streak and this is no time to ruin it.

This is part 22 of a 4 part series, because I thought it would be funny to do a whole year's worth of a month of something, and when I was done I'd have a book of something. But when this started, I thought I was helping The Higgs Weldon out, and now I wonder if they're not still printing these things as a favor to me. Unfortunately, this week is the start of a new story, but you'll have to wait for the collection to check out the rest. Until then:

“I’m not trying to be difficult, but this is unacceptable,” I said, tears clouding my vision as I aimed an expensive handgun at Dennis, one of our office technicians.

Dennis had his hands up. He was slowly backing away from me and I was slowly moving towards him with the gun. It was new. Probably the best handgun I’d ever owned, and I brought it from home because it was so much better than the ones provided to us by the office and to them by the lowest bidder.

Read the rest of it here, at your leisure.

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