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#2,042: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

About the numbering...
I have movied my list of movies from IMDB to Letterboxd, which sources their movie info from the "open 'wiki-style,'" rather-less-thorough-than-IMDB [TheMovieDB][]. So far, this has meant that 62 movies I had logged, mostly shorts, are not transferable to Letterboxd unless I take the time to get them added to TMDB first. Along the way I also nixed a bunch of movies that I can't remember actually watching, or were secretly internet comedy videos or theme park rides or DVD bonus features that I was using to pad my stats. And somehow, I still came out 40 movies ahead.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - ★★★★★
During the scene where Nick Fury drives to work, I realized why no one will ever be happy with the SHIELD TV show. You want it to be like this, and it they just can't do it. It felt like even the easter eggs and name drops and whatnot were a little classier, a little smoother than the TV crew can pull off. Also, I think it's neat to make a sequel in a different genre from the original.

My complaints for this movie are few and tiny. I cheered for my pal DC's cameo.

Some more video game stuff:

iOS - 10000000 - ★★★☆☆
A match 3 type game. I played this last year, but I got a new iOS device since then, so my save was gone and I played it again. Took about 3.5 hours of game time, but felt rather longer, since it was spread over months.

iOS - Halcyon - ★★★☆☆
Last year I described this as a kind of frenetic "match-two" game. For some idiotic reason I started playing it again and it got its claws back into me. A wasted day or two later, I've finally rebeaten the 'Stars' section.

PS3 - Thomas Was Alone - ★★★☆☆
PS+ keeps on giving. I'd been interested in this one. I think it knocked off in one night, and then I started again on the commentary track. It was just… fine. The kind of game 3 stars were invented to rate.