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Monkeying with the blog

Spent the evening trying to make the blog look a little better.  Preparing a theme all on my own isn't something I wanted to do, so there's a struggle to find a theme that looks okay and is maybe kind of obscure enough to look original.  A lot of the stuff that popped up early in the googles is just awful.  I don't want a big billboard for the theme designing company with a little square for my words. There's a thing where you play with a mass market tool / toy for a while, like Garageband, and then you've heard all the good loops, so you notice them in things other people make.  And now I see where a lot of the site designs for dreadful SEO-gobbling linkbait sites come from.

Anyhow, I found something that looked okay, and ended up digging around in the code for a few hours anyway to make it a negative version of the main site, snip out some broken javascript, and to add some rules to fix the links in the sidebar here. The Tron Legacy soundtrack made this feel like a much more sophisticated project than it was.

The google reader box is gone, since it's dead.  There's a new page with accurate information on ordering a copy of The Dialysis, in case anyone's been in need of an update to the 2004 info page.  It contains the forbidden secrets and unstoppable techniques of our ISBN!

Also, if all goes according to plan, posts found here at will now be duplicated over at for people who like to tumblr.

If you actually look at the site on the site and have a suggestion, let me know.  I don't think I'm quite finished, but apparently it was time to change things up.