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MaxFunDrive 2010

In a burst of productivity, I made three videos for the MaxFunDrive 2010 Blowout Finale Bash Marathon.  I shot almost everything on Wednesday afternoon and put 'em together Thursday evening.

I threw out my first idea as too impractical to shoot of and by myself and made this one instead, featuring three tropes-of-me.  All three were shot on my phone, and final cut had no problem with that.  It didn't like the HD stock footage from artbeats though.  That stuff caused a lot of problems.

This one is a video of the serious and heartfelt variety.  It's still a little bit silly.  As a video professional, I managed to shoot this with my camera/phone in portrait mode, rendering my travel to the actual locations where I listened to the episodes I mention useless. This also lead to the layering effect, so as to do something more interesting than EXTREME letterboxing.

A third video idea that came up during the first two, this is as deliberately low-fi and late night hack infomercial-y as can be.  I've attempted to keep continuity to a minimum, and it doesn't, strictly speaking, make a lot of sense.  I've been waiting ages to find a use for all these gigantic diamonds though.

It made me happy that all three had extra stuff I ditched to keep the time down, that they all went together quickly and easily minus dumb [GENERAL ERROR]s, and that I got such a reasonable looking product out of a telephone.

Also, today is the last day of the MaxFunDrive, so if you haven't given, you oughtta give. Every new person that gives takes one more nickel out of my pocket as part of the New Donor Challenge, which is rapidly exceeding the amount of spare change and bills I've been able to find around the house.