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#1,238: Juno

Moving this week. Found a place to move TO last week. Leaving the valley Hollywoodward. Stacking up little edit jobs to work on here and there. Writing things. And there's a radio-show-to-be.

Recent movies:

Sunshine - Wanting to like a movie isn't always enough. Already starting from a deficit by bearing similarities to Event Horizon (one of film's greatest embarrassments), this chronicle of human failure and monument to (as I understand it) bad science didn't win me over. There might be a lesson available here, since Danny Boyle movies never do. Extra demerits awarded for requiring outside reading to explain the plot.

Michael Clayton - Solid. Monument to human weakness. Somewhat too neat and tidy an ending.

Harvey - Fantastic! Surprisingly 'modern,' given the kind of Hays Code-ish santization one imagines in movies from 1950. Dowd, Elwood P. is an American Hero.

Funny Games - The remake looms nigh, so I saw the original. It should be a fun movie to see with a big audience. It was much more tense viewing based on what I'd been told about it than through its own merits. Even the new trailer is a shot-for-shot remake of the old trailer, at least until they get to the 'explain things to Americans' bit. And there's a genuine worth to repeat viewings, "to enjoy the opening in the context of the ending," I might say.

And, since I'm moving away from convenient close proximity to an enormous cinema that doesn't care, I commemorated the event with a slate of fresh releases:

Be Kind, Rewind - Gondry movie, shares some of the joy of the TV series Home Movies, in seeing the homemade solutions to fancy effects and costumes. Doesn't fret much more than it needs to on plot to string along the fun bits.

Jumper - a 'necessary evil' to staying inside until other showtimes lined up. Pretty much nothing happens after the first 15 minutes. The effect grows tiresome and that's all the movie has going for it. Points for showing someone use a power selfishly (you'd use the Force to reach the remote if you could), demerits for Hayden Christenson. Points for having a snowglobe in the movie, demerits for having such an expensive snowglobe that there was no money available for an ending to the movie. Too soon to tell if it earns enough money for sequels, but it's kind of funny to see franchise-hungry companies make bold advances on trilogies that fizzle (ie, Eragon). Although I would have liked a XIII sequel.

There Will Be Blood - More like There Will Be Boring. There was a fair amount of slapping though.

Juno - I had been avoiding this because it looked like a very calculated Napoleon Dynamite / Little Miss Sunshine -styled monstrousity. Somehow, finding out Jason Reitman directed it tipped the scales for me. And there are some neat directorial ideas going on, but the movie drew a lot more Kif-shaped sighs than laughs for me. You can just wave at the jokes as they cruise by. Points for the notion of vacationing in Gettysburg, dozens of demerits for inclusion of the Moldy Peaches. For all the grabs at quotability it makes, I like how not-quoted it seems to be. At least, in the tiny circles I'm travelling lately.