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Not a front for a secret organization.
Written by Rob Schultz (human).

Things You Can Buy

Welcome to the company store!

This is where you can exchange money for goods, or perhaps services.

If you're trying to settle an invoice, support my other shows and projects, or send money without receiving goods and services for any other reason, please visit this page here.

Selling Out

Items from our popular internet streaming sales program SELLING OUT, are available for purchase here. For details and hot pics of each item up for sale, please check out our show archive, online here.

Not Art (Back Issues)

I've held back a few copies of each issue of my monthly chapbook / zine thing, just so that you could complete your collection! The cheapest way to get the latest issue or make sure you don’t miss an issue is by subscribing. If you're not sure where to start, check out the subscription tier that starts you at the very beginning! 


If you were hoping for drawings, sketches, or other fine arts, I don't have any more for sale at this time. But if it seems like the kind of thing you would buy, drop me a line.