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Written by Rob Schultz (human).

This page is never quite completely up to date, but I try to add new entries on a semi-regular basis. This resume (PDF) is out of date too!


Selling Out!
Host Jason Van Glass is joined by special guests each week to bring the internet’s finest in streaming bric-a-brac home shopping. Check out some old episodes online, or visit the shop to check out leftover items that we will mail right to your home where you live!
Producer, graphics, live multicam video production

FYR3 Documentary
It’s the world’s third documentary about the Fyre Festival to be released in about two weeks! I shot two of the talking heads used in the project.
Dir. Joey Clift
Camera, compositing

This comedy show is a panel game (think QI, or Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!) in which two teams quiz about words and language. It's a lot of fun.
Writer, host

Set List at The Pack
A weekly comedy show in Los Angeles, at The Pack Theater, now in its third year. Booked comics and lucky audience members perform improvised stand-up comedy as though it were their written material, based on short prompts written by myself and the host, Jason Van Glass.
Writer, producer, show operator

Special Order, Inc
Since 2014, I've been a regular freelancer for this video production company whose clients include Visa, Google, Intel, Kia, the World Bank, Lowe's, Motorola, Sprint, VICE media, and the United Nations Foundation. Along with editing, graphics, and visual effects work I also help to keep the data organized and flowing.  Major and/or interesting projects are called out separately on this page.
Editor, VFX artist, motion graphics, post production supervisor, DIT, de facto IT dept.


Not Art
A monthly series of small 8-page books of original writing. The first year's worth primarily contains a spy-fi comedy called Unacceptable. Subscriptions are available, as are back issues if you missed one!
Writer, layout, licking envelopes

Frequency Earth
A revival of my 2009 project Better Radio. This is a(n almost) completely scripted and meticulously sound designed sci-fi podcast blending sitcom – the adventures of a man traveling through space in order to collect transmissions broadcast from Earth – with sketch comedy – the transmissions. Featuring a cast of dozens and incredible production value by Russell August Anderson. Available from the show's website, Apple podcasts, and every other podcast directory and service we can find
Writer, director, performer, and producer

Pepsi Black x Leah Dou
A music video / Pepsi campaign for China
Dir. Mundo Sisters
Online editor, asst. editor

The Enchanted Mode of Educational Transport
70+ visual effects shots for a short series of educational short films starring Rachel Bloom for Refinery29 and Planned Parenthood.
VFX artist

A trio of watch commercials, produced with
Dir. Mundo Sisters
Assistant editor

A supercool forthcoming doc about stunt women.
Titles, VFX

E. & J. Gallo Winery
With the fellas over at Spiffy, I made a few short videos for a Gallo brands corporate event that were designed to play across 10 simultaneous screens throughout an auditorium.
Motion graphics

Brand New Old Love
I created the end credits for this feature film starring Aya Cash, Arturo Castro, Josh Brener, and Brian Doyle-Murray. This was a closing parenthesis to being on set with the production in 2016.
Dir. Cat Rhinehart
End Credits

A variety show presented in 208 weekly installments at the Clubhouse theater in Los Feliz, California. Presenting the finest in LA's stand-up, improv, sketch, and auction-based comedy along with themed shows including the Green Screen Show, Bat Night (performed in environmentally-friendly complete darkness), The 1st-10th Annual Los Feliz Invitationals, the Night of a Million Daves, and shows completely hosted by a robot called Leopold.

We also produce demo videos of our performers on demand, for the likes of comedians J. Elijah Cho, Varut Chee, Olivia Talbott, and improv teams Tupperware Party, KNIFESTAB!, The Sound and the Furry, SODA, Macho, Love me Tinder, Terms and Conditions, Pleasantchille, The Gordons, and Roundhouse.


VFX / Mograph Demo Reel
Look! A bunch of shots from different projects, set to catchy music and going by super fast! Hire this guy today!
editor, vfx & graphics



Honey Just for Christmas
Becky Sanders wrote and recorded this song and then shot and uploaded the video all in a week! And I helped!
Editor, color, foley(!)

The Unforgettable Gala
I bridged the gap between the 16th Annual Asian American Awards and their Facebook stream.
Wirecast operator

Introducing Nucleus
A short ad spot for a tech startup inventing a new currency, or a new customer loyalty program, or a third thing. I provided some of their motion graphics.
Motion graphics

Culinary Cats
10-episode Genius Kitchen series in which cats watch videos and choose their favorite tasty treats!

Kids Eat Candy
10-episode Genius Kitchen series in which kids watch videos and choose their favorite tasty treats!

The Cheesiest Show Ever
10-episode Genius Kitchen series in which you watch videos and they mostly have cheese in them!

The Strip List
10-episode Genius Kitchen series in which our hosts introduce videos and gradually undress for some reason!

Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy
Helped organize post-production workflows, equipment, and facilities.
Post Consultant

Untitled Mundo Sisters Project
Unannounced documentary project.
Assistant Editor

Only Humans
I produced some handsome credits for this project, which I understand to be a feature film of some kind. 
Dir. Vanessa Knutsen
End titles

An Act of Terror
I produced some charming credits for this project, which I understand to be a short film of some kind. 
Dir. Ashley Brim
End titles

Deadly Reunion
In this grindhouse-flavored thriller, a group of college pals meet up for some reason, and then things turn deadly!
Dir. James Cullen Bressack
VFX, online editor

Girl Trip
End credits for another short film. Cat is my favorite client; we've never met!
Dir. Catherine Black
End titles

Kia Dealer Meeting 2017
When Kia gathers the owners of their dealerships in Las Vegas to reveal new cars and revel in old cars, Special Order is there! This year, the video presentations took the form of a 200-foot, 22,000-pixel-wide video wall. I was the main animator for one video, edited a couple of others, and provided support and green screen work to still others.
VFX, editing, animating, and so much rendering


Tin or W Productions Card
Made for my pal Jim Wareck's production company. I learned a thing or two about digital painting with this. 
art, animation

Gangbusters! Winter Walk-in Video
10 minutes of holiday cheer and crab animation.  Fun to animate, satisfying to look at, pretty much the opposite of a Shrek movie in every way!  We play it while people are taking their seats at the show. Usually with louder, more aggressive, and less christmas-like music. 

 Demo videos for Comedians
One popular feature of my weekly Gangbusters! show is the super cheap videos we make available to our performers. Some of the performers and acts we made look good in 2017 included Yedoye Travis, Rick Wood, Chloe McGovern, Brent Pella, Zach Ames, Joe Quint, Janine Hogan, Gerard "Dean" Peters, Michael Magid, Jonathan Grant, Vince Caldera, Galina Ravina, Frankie G, Maral Adams, Christina Catherine Martinez, Subhah Agarwal, and improv teams Daddio, the 2004 San Antonio Spurs, Threedom, Substitute Teachers, Cute, McFly, Cool Cool Cool, G'ART, Logan Everett, Soulmate, Rainbow Bright, Bitchcoin, The Gordons, Mm-mm Delicious, Roundhouse, Calico High School, and the sketch team Slumberfest.
video production



Theater is a Weapon
More from the Antaeus Company, as 2016 draws to a close.
Dir. Diani & Devine

Gangbusters! Pac Man Promo
There's no real reason for it. Sometimes it's just nice to make a thing.
Animation and everything else.



Rising Sons
The final form of the documentary about the Congo that I worked on in 2014 came back to me for finishing, along with titles, credits, and subtitles.
Dir. Erin Heidenreich
Online editor, graphics

A Happening of Monumental Proportions
I did some opening and closing credit graphics for this feature film.
Dir. Judy Greer

Brand New Old Love
A fun feature film starring Aya Cash, Arturo Castro, Josh Brener, and Brian Doyle-Murray. I'd spent so much of the previous year on commercial and documentary projects that it was exciting to return to a scripted comedy.
Dir. Cat Rhinehart
Assistant Editor, DIT

Relatively Prime Season 3
This season's Kickstarter video was more complicated than the Season 2 pitch, and done faster. Some art by Lewis Sequeira for season 2 was reused, new art and a brilliant fake etsy page were created by Natalie Hazen. It was instantly added to the Kickstarter staff "projects we love" section.
Editor, animator, some of the art


 Taming of the Kickstarter
Another promo for the Antaeus Theatre Company! This time, supporting their Kickstarter campaign to build a new theater. Maybe I should add a counter to this page for how much cash my videos have raised on Kickstarter...

It's the Hike Mic!
Promo / festival submission piece for LA's premiere outdoor traveling open mic, co-produced by Jason Van Glass and myself.

1800 Seconds with Guy Branum
Stand-up taping at Meltdown Comics.
Video production


Qatar Airways
Edited a couple of short videos shot at QA's Hollywood gala in the Dolby Theater.

Demo videos for Comedians
One popular feature of my weekly Gangbusters! show is the super cheap videos we make available to our performers. Some of the performers and acts we made look good in 2016 included Heather Thomson, Rick Wood, Paul Cibis, Asterios Kokkinos, Hana Michels, Matt Merchant, Dan Braswell, Jay Light, Ify Nwadiwe, Miles K, Mike Upchurch, Brian Biancardi, Lisa Chanoux, Jace Avery, Phillip Binder, Adam Cozens, Brandon Scott Keller, and improv teams Great Personality, Barbershop, The Show that Shall Not Be Named, Spanglish, Loserlebrities, Between the Lips, Hobbledehoy, Threedom, Strawberry Boss, Tiny Backpacks, Zut Alors, The Feel Good Not Bad Death Laser, and Erwin Street
video production


Bad Internet
A YouTube Red Original Series produced by Big Breakfast, the production company responsible for College Humor. Kind of like a comedic Black Mirror.  I assisted on five or six episodes, and edited one called "Uber, but Like, for People."
Editor, assistant editor, VFX

Antaeus Theatre Company: Turn off the Dark
Another video for my favorite theatre company. This one features actors burning themselves, more nudity, and the implied use of 'salts' as a swear word!





This is Rad: Beyond the Rad
A behind-the-scenes look at the This Is Rad podcast, on which I have appeared more than once


Talk Show the Game Show the TV Show
Guy Branum's terrific stage show in which low level celebrities compete before a panel of judges to determine who is the best talk show guest should be a TV show, so I produced a 4-camera shoot of an episode at Meltdown Comics which convinced a production company to make a studio pilot for TruTV without paying or involving me. So it seems like that was 2015's deadbeat project. I've also written a four part series of articles on how to make a sellable pilot presentation.
Producer, editor, camera op

Kia Dealership Conference 2015
Another round of videos shown during the conference keynote, introducing new models of Trail'ster, Optima, and others. This time, each video was also a 6k projection mapped arch. I was the main editor and compositor for one complicated video, and made on-site refinements to half a dozen others.
Post-production Supervisor, editor, VFX

Nintendo at Comic-Con 2015
More cool stuff for the Nintendo YouTube channel: Super Mario Maker in the Nintendo gaming lounge, and a choir of cosplayers singing the Super Mario theme.

Antaeus Theater Company: Shirtless Actors Prepare for Picnic
A Promo for a local theater company full of terrific actors! Also, topless dudes!
Directors: Diani & Devine


Nintendo E3 2015
Several videos for Nintendo's YouTube channel, including fan reactions to the upcoming games Star Fox Zero and Super Mario Maker, as well as a 3D booth tour video (watch it on your phone or iPad!) and highlights of E3 2015 and the 2015 Nintendo World Championships.
Editor, assistant editor


The Big Fish
This was a sizzle reel for a reality TV series about a disastrous stand-up comedy venue, its host, and the barflies who love to heckle it. Unfortunately, a show about people doing comedy badly is a tough sell, and then the bar shut down.  




Gangbusters! presents the Green Screen Show
A little highlight reel from the Gangbusters! January 2015 green screen special.
Editor, live green screen magic


Cocktails and Dreams
Another maniacal project from Mr. Show writer Mike Upchurch, who has inserted comedian Chris Fairbanks into the movie Cocktail. In this one I just provided some notes, advice, and animation for the logo.

VICELAND: Black Market: Dispatches: Poaching Pangolin
An episode of a documentaryish TV show where Vice sends a film crew to Africa to film some poachers. Apparently you can watch it here. Let me know how it turned out.
Assistant Editor

Moto E Press Conference-in-a-Box
A series of six videos delivered in seven versions each for different international regions. Edited and colored 3 of the base videos, devised a workflow for the vast quantities of subtitles.
Editor, Post-Supervisor

Untitled Jonathan Katz Documentary
I rounded out my tour of organizing and prepping documentaries by doing this one in Avid 7.
Assistant Editor

I helped this documentary, edited in Premiere Pro, when we thought it was a film about Christian Audiger’s triumph over an unusual blood cancer. It turned out to be something else.

Viva Cuba Libre: Rap is War  
I helped this documentary, edited in Final Cut Pro, to get to its distributor by spending a few days meticulously managing their media down from 16 hard drives to one. 
Assistant Editor

Demo and Booking Videos for Stand-up Comedians
I still shoot and/or edit videos for comics that I know, sometimes to help fund my weekly show Gangbusters!. Subjects include stand-ups Devin Field, Ron Swallow, Tom Seiniger, Kevin Lee, Nevin Sharma, Chase Bernstein, Pedro Salinas, Jesse Gordon, Brandon Scott Keller, Chloe McGovern, Brett Wheeler, Alex Hanna, Miles K, George Chen, Brodie Reed, Justin Williams, Rich Slaton, Nick West, Robbie Goodwin, Sam Jae, Trenton Willey, Keith Carey, Jeffrey Jay, Rye Silverman, Aaron Klopfer, Rachel Crowe, Shannon Noll, the Improv teams Little Ditty, Joe Hates Us, Gossip Ghost, Vaguely Nefarious, Hugs & Chaos, yay!, and Crucifictorious, and storyteller Andrew Solmssen.
Video Production


Antaeus Theater Company: Dogs and Cats  Steal Shakespeare Roles... Actors Furious!
A Promo for a local theater company full of terrific actors! Also, cute animals!
Directors: Diani & Devine

Kia 2014 Dealership Conference
This was a series of videos that played during the keynote speech, including 6 presentations from dealerships around the country and another to precede the reveal of the new model Sedona. Each piece was created for multiple screens that wrapped around the audience (at a combined resolution of 18632 x 1080) for a total of 23 videos delivered. I also helped the other 5 editors & motion artists on the Special Order team in the completion, encoding, and delivery of their portions of the show.
Editor, graphics, keying, etc

Silver Star Mercedes Benz
TV commercials for an LA-area dealership.
Editor, graphics

Cox Communications
I helped Special Order to create a presentation that played out on a combination of large projection screens and 10 iPads wielded by dancers on a stage.
DIT, assistant editor

Relatively Prime Series 2 Kickstarter Video
I made a video for my friend Sam without either of us flying across the continent to be in the same room. This is my third animated collaboration with Lewis Sequeira. Between the hand-drawn style and the kind of improvisational animation techniques, I think this is probably a lot better than last year's space video. (The campaign was a success.)
animator, editor, writer, & drew most of the inanimate objects

Sons of Congo
A documentary shot in Congo. I just whipped up some dailies for translation / transcription.
Dir. Erin Heidenreich.
Assistant editor

The Birthday Present
A short film with clowns.
Dir. Will Reese.
Blu-Ray & DCP preparation

Antaeus Theater: The Curse of Oedipus
A promo for a local LA theater company full of terrific actors. Also, Michael Dorn performing in Klingon!
Directors: Diani & Devine

Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3
25 hours of streaming video presenting Nintendo's upcoming products, broadcast live from the floor of their booth at E3. You can read about this job in greater detail on the blog.
Signal flow engineer, graphics, playback, robot camera op

A Quiet Night In
A 168-hour Film project, in which shorts inspired by bible verses are produced in 1 week or less. Nice folks, manageably small scope, and a short film that was actually short. In addition to cutting, I also did some light sound and color work and cleanup VFX.
Dir. Wynne Dawson.

De Puta Madra: A Love Story
I met these filmmakers on the internet, and did the end credits for their award-winning short film.
Dir. Catherine Black.
End credits

My annual short film for a craigslist client that turns out to be a deadbeat. Although the director predicted a 10-minute runtime, the first assembly of this 17-page script clocked in at a substantial 25-minute short film. Edited in Avid, with some After Effects work to change eye colors.

Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse
A comedy duo in Los Angeles discover that surviving the Apocalypse is almost as rough as surviving in show biz. This feature film followup to THE SELLING is the best movie I've ever worked on.
DIT and assistant editor, not to mention camera car driver, grip, and extra.
And later, VFX artist, online editor, and probably other titles

I made this collection of slates on set one day, and they sent it to their kickstarter backers.

Underground Comedy
I've been consulting on a documentary for perhaps three years now, with director Nicole Day. In 2014, we made a teaser-trailer for it, which was later used as the pitch video for a successful Kickstarter
Generally helpful, Editor
I read the slushpile and frequently contributed to this daily humor website run by and for the Los Angeles open mic scene and complete maniacs from around the world who discovered our submissions system.
Managing editor


Scream Voice Hates Speakerphone
A movie parody starring Nicole Day, on Funny or Die
Editor, role of 'Denise'

Jim Bruce: I'm Dying as Fast as I Can
A stand-up comedy 1-hour special. Although not the lead editor, I did a substantial amount of editing on this, in addition to sound mixing, some color correction, editing the special features, designing and authoring the DVD, and designing the DVD label and packaging.
'Additional Post-Production'

13 Facts About Space That Will Make Your Head Explode
This embarrassingly-titled cartoon for has racked up more than million views around the internet. With art by Lewis Sequeira.
Editor, Animator

Diani & Devine Meet The Apocalypse Kickstarter Campaign
The terrific filmmaking couple Diani & Devine produced over 30 videos to support their fundraising campaign. I'm in a few of them. (The campaign was a big success.)

A pilot directed by Mike Upchurch, starring Matt Peters and Davey Johnson. I made some BEES which zip around at the end.
Visual effects (BEES)

Shadow of the Monarch
Kind of a Bourne situation with a lot of homeless people, and butterflies, and secret agents, and cops and stuff. Edited in Avid.

Gender Benders
Sales / Sizzle / Pitch reel for a proposed television show.
Editor, After Effectsionist

Good Morning Tri-State
Dir. Jason Woliner. Pilot for Comedy Central.
Assistant Editor

Demo Videos for Stand-Up Comedians in Los Angeles
Sometimes I shoot and/or edit videos of other comics, because it's a helpful thing to do and not much trouble.
Subjects include: Ben Bizuneh, Josh Eanes, Asterios Kokkinos, Joseph P. Larkin, Jamar Neighbors, Pat Regan, Jason Van Glass, Finn Straley, Paige Weldon, Robin Higgins, Andrew Solmssen, Lydia Popovich.
Video Production


Church Wives
I accepted the offer to edit a feature-length film in three days as a joke.

Fiat - Adam Carolla Web Campaign
At the LA Auto Show.
Production sound

Beijing Gold
A epic fantasy shot in China, in Mandarin. So I don't really know what it's about.
RED consultant

The Jacket and The Dress
Assistant editor

Dice City

The Transit
For years I'd wanted to make a Reading Rainbow-looking animation of the story of a particularly hapless French astronomer of the 18th century. And then, with some of my pals, I did exactly that!
Writer, animator, background art

John Ungaro's Short Film
Dir. John Ungaro.
VFX Artist

Die, Orphans, Die!
This is a half-hour comedy pilot written on spec with Josh Eanes about a man who kills orphans for money.

This was a short film by a deadbeat client who talked a lot about starting a pick-up artist type website. For fun, I composited blood splatter effects over certain shots.
Editor, visual effects

Modern Family: Lesson Learned
A spec script written with Josh Eanes.

Ze Frank Pitch Video
Video pitch to participate in A Show.
Complete production

The Kid
Dir. Sean Carlsen.
Assistant editor

A new augmented reality app gets out of hand.
Dir. August Anderson.
Editor, lighting

Broken Things
An award-winning short film about a marriage in trouble.
Dir. Hollis McLachlan.


Better Radio Live
We staged a live episode of my sketch-comedy podcast in front of a captive studio audience. Director, actor

Pigs Meat
Amazingly, I was cast in a play, so we learned how to perform it and then performed it.
Actor, writer of one really good joke

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [Robot Edition] Book Trailer

Remember that toy commercial from the 1990s? Dir. Barry Rothbart.

My first stand-up show. In the middle of a field in Burbank, this show lasted from whenever it was dark enough for the floodlamp to turn on, until the police showed up. Producer

High Road
Dir. Matt Walsh.
End Credits

Pie Head: A Kinda' True Story
An autobiography about moving to Los Angeles to make this movie.
Dir. Hollis McLachlan.

The Nick Show Kroll
For union purposes, I was definitely not an assistant editor on this pilot for Comedy Central.
Post Production Consultant

Finding Joe
A documentary about Joseph Campbell, shot on RED and Canon 5D.
Online editor

Off-brand Star Wars jokes for CollegeHumor with some really nice production value.

Maximum Fun Dot Org
This year, MaxFun donors received a series of exclusive Rifftrax-esque short films as a thank-you gift for their donations. I edited together the Jordan, Jesse, Go! short, Mind Your Manners.

Sandwich Video
Seamless, Peel
Dir. Adam Lisagor.
Editor, camera assistant

This is a commercial for the website starring Jason Horton.
Writer, director, editor

Time Phone
A short film by August Anderson and me.
Actor, props, hair styling, collaboration

Put This On
Editor, assistant editor

Sandwich Video
Jawbone, Lookout, and Quora campaigns.
Dir. Adam Lisagor.
Assistant editor, visual effects, editor

In The Moment
A spec feature film script written in 48 hours or less. Probably not a viable script, but one with some good ideas I'd like to visit again one day.

Kindle Spec Commercial
Dir. Scott Huff.
Key grip

Being Geek Book Trailer
Dir. Adam Lisagor.
Sound recordist

Acting Like Children
A webseries starring Mountain Man Academy about a therapist and his patients, a group of former child stars.
Director, editor

Bear Down Podcast

Freak Dance
Dirs. Matt Besser & Neil Mahoney.
Online editor, VFX coordinator, VFX editor, end credits

This Show Will Get You High
I was brought in to this project late, after the initial version had been turned down by the network. I recut some scenes, edited others from scratch, and created several versions of the show for different channels. A 30-minute version did make it to air on Comedy Central. The hour-long 'TV Special' edition is embedded below.


The Selling
A feature film about a haunted house that isn't so much scary for the family living there as inconvenient for the real estate agent trying to unload it.
Dir. Emily Lou.
Editor, DIT

Freakdance: The Forbidden Dirty Boogaloo
Camera operator

Editor, visual effects

Surviving Disaster
Spike TV and ex-Navy Seal Cade Courtley show you what to do if you get stuck in an Irwin Allen movie. As one of two assistant editors, I worked nights with a specialty on ingest. We shot over a dozen video formats, supported five edit bays, and managed upwards of 80 drives. Syncing sound, multiclipping footage, producing manageable and useful file structures and Final Cut Pro project files, all in a night's work.
Assistant editor

Better Radio: Season One
A sketch comedy podcast about a guy in space with a robot, listening to broadcasts from a long-dead Earth. All scripted, all edited and sound designed. I thought I was starting a sketch group, but nobody joined so I wrote almost all of it myself.
Writer, director, performer


Let's Stroll
This was a series of video shorts by John Hallmann. I… I don't even know.
Camera operator

Live! On Sunset
This was a live-streaming clothing store in the old Tower Records building. You were supposed to watch their entertainment news shows and then buy everything the host was wearing. Graphics, editor

No, not that one. This was a movie with weeks of visual effects work left to complete the night before a festival deadline. I was one of a small group that helped out for that one night and then in the morning we found out everyone had been assigned the same shots.
Visual effects

The Train
What started as a plan for making a quick and easy green screen web show turned into a thing with 5 seasons of mythology and all manner of complications, but we never made a show.
Co-writer, director, editor

Muppet Roommate
Matt's new roommate isn't as awesome as he'd hoped. Written by Matty Smith.
Editor, director

From what I could determine 4 years later, Duncan Trussell was producing sketches for this show, which was on Fuel TV. I did one shot for him, which was of a fire burning in the background of a shot. Breakdown
Visual Effects

Straight Life
I think this was supposed to be a collage film about a jazz musician. The producer, as I recall, offered something on the order of $18,000 worth of work, and this dog is all we actually did.
Visual Effects

I Promise
I never even met anyone on this one, it was just email tech support to guide the production through Compressor and DVD Studio Pro. The knowing observer might recognize this block of entries as one of those times I said yes to every gig on Craigslist, just to see what would happen. Dir. Sara Millman.
Post Consultant

MnR Dance Factory
This LA dance studio paid some guy to edit together home video footage of their graduation show, except he didn't. Two or three days before it was due that guy paid me to do it for him. Portions of the three hours of finished material seem to be on youtube, including this puppet tool-based intro.

The Heirloom Incident
A guy in Minnesota shipped DVDs of his short film to me in LA for coloring.
Dir. Mark Cartier.

Real Streets: Miami
A Silver Machine production for TruTV. Here I was on hand to guide editors unfamiliar with Final Cut Pro, and to swoop in and save the day after after a RAID failure.
Assistant editor

Smash Lab
Overnight tape ingestion for the production company Silver Machine. This was a show for the American market on the cable channel Discovery, which was shot in Los Angeles, in PAL, so that it could be more conveniently edited in London. Interesting fact: One full PAL DVCProHD tape is almost exactly as long as one episode of HBO's Entourage.
Assistant editor
I spent quite a bit of 2008 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre LA, and paid for my classes there by shooting and editing videos. Including improv, sketch shows, guerilla music videos, the original Tournament of Nerds competition, and some stuff that I really did not understand.
Editor, camera operator

The Tale of a Suicidal Narcoleptic
I joined this feature film shortly before a festival deadline. Fresh eyes to help get the running time down, which would in turn help them get into the festival. I did, and they did.
Dir. John Flores Additional editing

Project Nightlight
This wasn't a video, but it was a cool job. Project Nightlight is an anti-child abuse organization that posted billboards all over LA county. It was my job to take an alphabetized list of their locations and document as many of them as were still standing. It made my photo library-based screensaver really weird for a while.
Mapping mastermind, photographer


Paul Allen, PA
The true story of the best damn PA the Tonight Show has ever had. Dir. Kourosh Pirnazar
Key Grip

Seducing Spirits
Just your basic hip hopping supernatural murder mystery thriller romantic comedy. I was their DIT and on-set editor, and had a confused and costly idea that it would be "honorable" to see the project through to completion even as the finishing deadlines wooshed by and the checks began to bounce. I also did color correction and a lot of digital acne removal, those files are for paying customers only. Editor / Loader (P2) / VFX Artist / Colorist

I'm not sure what exactly this feature is about, but I came in to sort out a lot of timeline problems and Final Cut Pro settings, and then I started to do a stark black and white color grade.
Dir. Giovanny Blanco
FCP Consultant / Colorist

The Paranormalists
Who're ya gonna call? What if they're busy? And so are they? Them too! The Paranormalists! Never saw how it turned out.
Key Grip

Zombies Ate My Prom Date
An HDV feature about high school, dating, dancing, and zombies. And thai food. Never saw how it turned out.
Dir. Alex Yi
Dolly Grip

A practical experiment in heating a small space with movie lights. Also, a short film that looks deep into the heart of a problem gripping our nation's youth: having 80oz of beer taped to your hands. Never saw how it turned out.
Dir. Kourosh Pirnazar

L.A. Proper
An HD feature written, directed by, and starring Barry Canty, concerned with life in the melting pot of Los Angeles. And sex scenes for his character. Never saw how it turned out.
Swing Grip

The Cougars
Scenes for a filmed sketch show, from Troy & Casey.
Camera Assistant


The Horror Convention Massacre
There's a maniac on the loose at the Cinema Wasteland horror convention, and guests, patrons, even hotel employees are getting chopped up into little bits! The DV feature debut of Old School Sinema. Complete post production (including edit, audio mix, DVD authoring and print materials) was completed in one month, working from a shoebox of miniDV tapes and no script.
Dir. Joe Ostrica.
Editor, re-recording mixer, DVD author, print design

The Thing in the Woods
An HDV feature by Joseph J. Toretti, shot in Jimmy Stewart's hometown of Indiana, PA and Pennsylvania's Indian Caverns.
Key Grip

Bud Light/Maxim Exposure Tour: Cleveland
It's like this: companies want to sell things to trendy club goers, so they throw a party. They hire some models, and stand them up near the entrance to the party with a number of other locals who are given fake cameras with working flash guns. Club goers enter, grope models, have flashbulbs fired at their eyes, and then go drinking. Later in the night, slides (shot months in advance) are projected featuring trendy club goers, but nobody knows the difference because trendy club goers all look rather alike.
Role as 'paparazzi,' load-out grip

A reality TV pilot shot in Vermillion, OH. As far as I know, never made it to air.
Office PA

Stealth CPS Advertisements
A couple of pastiche commercials in the style of really low budget late night cable TV ads for terrible products - in this case, an automobile cloaking device.
Writer, director, camera, editor, & VFX

Collaborative Creative Commons Project 1: The Contest
2002's 'The Contest' is dragged out and chopped into a variety of 1-minute versions, each telling stories progressively less like the original, then released via Creative Commons licensing, allowing YOU to edit your own version and tell whatever story you want.
Editor, DVD author

My Soul to Take 1 & 2
A pair of DV horror features from Waterstreet Productions, starring TV's Nick Mancuso as the demonic Father Adam.

Carpet Kingdom
Owen Cleaveland must decide if he's going to join the family carpet business, how to give his uncle a proper funeral, and whether sex with a cousin-by-marriage is still incest in this 35mm senior thesis film of USC student Michael Rochford.
Loader (Panavision G2 and Panastar), boom operator

To Move
A DV feature by Carnegie Mellon University theater directing major Virginia Case.

Animal Crackers
A short mock-documentary following the premature transition of animal cracker carver Anthony Biscali from apprentice to master, as he tries to live up to the reputation of his recently departed master.

Camera Shy Paparazzi Live DVD
Concert film featuring the Camera Shy Paparazzi and the first appearance of bassist Colin Toomey to benefit the Albert Schweitzer Institute. DVD also features CSP music videos and the special “It’s Camera Shy Paparazzi Week!”
Camera, editing, DVD authoring


Three Short Stories About Suicide
A short film Joey Cassel regarding the intertwining fates of the patrons of the Jolly Donut.
Gaffer, boom operator, video assist

A short film by M. Thomas Hoover concerning an angel, the devil, and the evil that men do. A senior thesis project for Robert Morris University.
Gaffer, transportation, day-saving makeup

Scuhergebnisse Für
An HDV short by Hollis Jean Zemany, with Nazis! One piece of a triptych of post-modern tragedy.
Gaffer, editor, Nazi wrangler

The Audition
An HDV short showcasing the acting of AC Earing and HJ Zemany in a combined 13 roles.
Director, editor, VFX supervisor and artist

An HDV short by Hollis Jean Zemany featuring a 1920's era film look. One piece of a triptych of post-modern tragedy,
Gaffer and 1st AD, editor and VFX artist

Street Theatre
A short film directed by Bernadette Gillota during the Cleveland Ingenuity festival, to be shown at the 2005 Ohio Independent Film Festival.
Production assistant

16mm science-fiction short starring Thomas Coriale as a man recently released from control by otherworldly ‘passengers,’ trying to piece together the missing days of his life.
Co-writer, visual effects, original music

Sony NAB Contest Entry
Flurry of special effects and a touch of bootlicking that won me a free ride to the NAB2005 convention in Las Vegas, NV.
Visual effects, camerawork, role of ‘Me’

Care and Maintenance of your Shrinkwrapping Equipment
Animated :30 spot detailing the ‘correct’ way to adjust the roll of shrinkwrap film. Based on a card in the style of airline instructions based on photos of a perhaps well-meaning but especially inept co-worker.
Animation, lineart, original music


Full Frame Documentary Film Fest Fellows Program Commercial
Short video shot during the 2004 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, promoting the student (fellows) program. Features Michael Moore, Harry Shearer, Ken Burns, and thousands of attendants packed into theaters in Raleigh-Durham, NC.
Camera, editing

The Piece of Apple Pie
Short film technology demonstration of virtual sets featuring over 100 shots of three actors taped separately on a small greenscreen set. Virtual hopperesque diner created in Alias Maya, composited with Adobe After Effects. Also featuring ADR voice recording and original score.
Director, editor, 3D modeling, compositing, sound recording and mixing, original music, previsualization

Trapped short film entry. Briefly tells the story of a would-be filmmaker getting all set to make his next blockbuster, then getting rained out and deciding to play video games instead.
Camera, editing, role of the filmmaker, and one gratuitious effect

Diztortion short film entry. Tells (poorly) the story of a man who offers ridiculous excuses for being late to a meeting. Co-Produced with Kevin Berridge, and set to Camera Shy Paparazzi’s ‘Don’t Trust the Kids.’
Story, camera, editing, crazy last minute effects

Buckman Cinemas Preshow Slides
Series of 20 slides shown in a loop prior to 4th Wall theatre club performances of SEX (a.k.a. weiners and boobs), at Quinnipiac University.
Writing, graphics

Liam O'Brien's adaptation of John Dos Pasos' trilogy. A series of monologues delivered before a chroma key backdrop. Backgrounds were filled in with topical and period stills and video clips from multiple tape and chyron sources. Segments were taped and keyed live in a series of three camera studio shoots.
Technical director

Hell is Other People Stan
Unproduced script and storyboards that remind us that even the Devil is in Hell. Intended to be produced with virtual sets or as animation.
Writing, storyboards

Music video for Camera Shy Paparazzi. Taped during their Around the Boards guest appearance, this video consists of things moving around in the greenscreen behind the duo as they perform their “perfect pop song.”
Editing, directing

The Bekaanian Works
Russell Anderson’s proof of concept Full Motion Video adventure game for Flash concerning the real life mystery of Oak Island and starring Sean Cody Grindle.
3D modeling and texturing, grip, role of ‘Video Store Customer’

After School Special
Unproduced script. Parody of typical after school special in which a boy is rewarded for keeping his word at all costs, even if it means the death of a fellow student!

Camera Shy Paparazzi Week!
After CSP appeared on every Q30 show in the same week, this special was produced from recordings of live shows and their Around the Boards appearance. Includes their second of three first-place-winning QU open mic night sets, an opening set for pop-punk act Allister, and a performance at The Space in Hamden, CT.
Editing, camera

2003 - 2004:

Around the Boards
Three seasons and 32 episodes of a popular hockey-themed talk show occaisionally interrupted by special effects sequences, unusually themed episodes, live music, season ending cliffhangers, and guests of the local, celebrity, and fictional varieties. Shown on Quinnipiac University closed circuit television, Connecticut public television, and the internet.
Executive producer, director, technical director, set design, lighting, editor, graphics, audio, web development, dvd development, and undoubtedly more

2003 - 2005:

Visual Effects Demos
A series of tech. demos, ever increasing. Includes multiples of me walking through the same shot, conversations between multiples of myself, superhero powers such as energy balls and fire, Spider-Man webbing, lightsaber effects, a Dragonball Z parody, crushing Russell August Anderson with a 16-ton weight, television monitor looks, TV powering off look, view into a film projector, Metal Gear Solid VR Mission wireframe look, wire removal, 3D element/live action integration, gunfights, motion graphics, the public service Russell, the ‘fear gas’ effect of Batman Begins, and more.
Camera tricks and a more-than-healthy dose of Adobe After Effects


i love myself
Russell Anderson’s creepy short starring David Brand as a man not sleepwalking but sleepcommittingsuicide.
Consultant, unused visual effects

Hobbamock Takes a Holiday
Z-Rob VanSchaick’s retelling of the indian legend of the Sleeping Giant mountain, and the only poor dope who didn’t know to not stand on the giant the day he woke up. Starring David Brand as the Mountain.
Role as the aforementioned dope


Mad World
Student music video.
Dir. Dane Anderson.
Provided footage from the Not Art Non-Symbolic Stock Footage Library

Blue Monday
Student music video.
Co-dir: Adam Brooks. Starring David Brand as Russell Anderson and Jeffrey Aronson as Mike Kataja, based on a true story.
Co-director, camera, editor

The Ascension
Neat first-person climb of the Sleeping Giant mountain on a home-made camera rig followed by my slightly embarrassing introduction to Adobe After Effects. Set to Robert W. Smith’s ‘The Ascension.’
Absolutely Everything

Geocaching Documentary
Ridealong and interview with Hamden, CT local geocacher. Co-produced with a girl I don’t remember, whose credit has been lost with the video itself in a crashed hard drive.
Editor, Camera

The Contest
A popular short with a popular twist and a popular special effect. Produced in 48 hours.
Director, camera, editor

FadeIn Commercials
Public Service Announcements encouraging students to join the Quinnipiac University film club for silly reasons.

One on One
Student short about dudes playing basketball.
Editor, camera

Quest for Candy
Nearly five minutes of running around campus, all for some Peanut M&M’s. Features exactly one (1) edit. Co-produced with Adam Brooks. The first in a long line of projects stacked to fulfill requirements for multiple classes at once. Director, lighting, camera, and cameo

Vending Machines: Machines of Death
Russell Anderson’s faux-news package about the epidemic of vending machine-related deaths. Crossover video with ‘Quest for Candy.’
Concept, actor

Recapturing the Sins
Russell Anderson’s tale of the seven deadly sins, flavored by Sartre’s ‘No Exit.’
Dangerous camera rig, lighting

2002 - 2003:

QU Unplugged
Live music showcase featuring unsigned acts from the New England area and beyond. Shown on QU’s Q30 and CTV. Includes episode featuring Sean Kelly of The Samples, available on their DVD ‘Seventeen.’
Lighting, camera, technical director, graphics, director

The Hockey Roundtable
‘Crossfire’ meets ‘NHL Tonight,’ starring Joseph P. Tasca, Glen Scott Giangrande, and Bradley Weiner. The predecessor to the much more entertaining and beloved ‘Around the Boards.’
Technical director, director, camera operator, chyron graphics, tape op

2001 - 2004:

Q30 News
Quinnipiac University's campus-only weekly half-hour news production.
Segment producer, lighting, technical director


Susan S. Bransfield Actual Political Campaign Video
1-hour chat show highlighting the admirable policies of Mrs. Bransfield in her run for First Selectman of the town of Portland, CT.

Mock Political Campaign Ads
:30, :60, and 2:00 advertisements co-produced with Luke Meeken. Shot guerrilla-style with the largest camcorder I’ve ever used, positioning Jeff “Susan” Aker (our teacher) against the deceased William Henry Harrison (our nation’s ninth president). Writer, camera, editor

Minimum Wage, Fingertips, The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota
Music videos for unfilmable songs by They Might Be Giants and “Weird Al” Yankovic showing complete disregard for the amount of time necessary to visually express an idea in comparision to the amount of time necessary to verbally express an idea. Like, pretty much whatever, you know?

1999 - 2001:

Freelance Production
Including multiple scholarship consideration projects, sports team year-in-review videos, compilations of student work for Solon High School teachers, and a gift from the SHS Athletic Director to his wife. Usually consisting of photo montages backed by popular songs and on-screen punchlines of in-jokes.
Nothing you can’t do yourself with iPhoto these days


Bad Driving: As Seen on TV
Repurposed footage from movies and television shows combined with “helpful” voiceover explaining the rules of the road via clips from Ronin, The Blues Brothers, Thelma and Louise, Riding with Death, and more. All in order to win $20 and pass driver’s ed.
Editor, voiceover, renter of videos on 2-for-1 day

The Adventures of Peter Meadowdale
Phil Machi’s film noir spoof starring Phil Machi in a Phil Machi production written by Phil Machi featuring Phil Machi and the Phil Machi singers and dancers with a special appearance by Phil Machi. And introducing: Phil Machi.
Editor, foley and voice over recording and mixing, 2nd unit camera, Phil Machi

1997 - 2001:

Solon Community Television
Over 350 hours of programming including live concerts, sporting events, lectures, and student programs.
Director, technical director, chryon designer and operator, editor, teleprompter operator, camera operator, etc