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Selling Out for Friday February 15

One-stop shopping for tonight’s episode of Selling Out!

Everything listed below is really for sale, and we’ll mail it TO YOU! Find out more on tonight’s show!

Selling Out for Friday February 8

And here’s the replay in case you missed SELLING OUT this week:

Anything left for sale can still be purchased below!

Please DON’T: call the show when it’s not on.
Please DO: follow us on twitch to find out when we’re live (on Friday nights!) and call the show then!

Selling Out!

UPDATE: If you missed out on our live broadcast last Friday night, please enjoy this replay of the stream, and feel free to, you know, buy some stuff below!

One stop shopping for tonight’s Selling Out! with Jason Van Glass and special guest host Frankie G!

Frequency Earth 102: Jettisoned

This week, in Frequency Earth news...

...recording has begun on season 2, even as writing continues. Our production board is slowly changing colors like creepy alien leaves in space-autumn.

...Season one, episode two is now available! This week, The Jeff learns what Command considers disposable, and takes a trip to the ship's casino. The first appearance of fragments between transmissions! The transmissions themselves, including Herding Cats, TMI for the CIA, and The Minotaur! Some people would say that episode 2 is one better than episode 1, but I'd say it's twice as good! Give it a listen!

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