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Set List: Rob's on SGC2C!

On a good night, Set List at the Pack draws a fairly diverse crowd. In terms of age, we regularly host comedians in their 20s as well as in their 60s. And one thing both of those age groups have in common is that they find this sort of thing completely baffling:

Screenshot 2019-03-07 22.05.08.png

Set List at the Pack is a completely improvised stand-up show that happens every Thursday night at 10:00, at the Pack Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

Every hour of 2017

I saw this thing online last year where some guy kept track of how he spent every hour of 2016. So I gave it a try.

I expected that keeping track would make me more accountable to my time. It did not. I did find it helpful to see what I was doing on a given day, and it's both more convenient and less cumbersome than leafing through a diary to see what I was up to. Still, my logging tapered off until I gave up sometime in October for no reason.

Click to view the thing in the thing with the thing!

My version of the chart also includes notes on what TV show or movie or game or book I was consuming, or what project or job I was working on. Your version is just a broad strokes of my year. Each color represents a kind of activity. To wit:

  • Sleep
  • Media Consumption (TV, Movies, Podcasts if that was mostly what I was doing, comics, probably some light reading)
  • Comedy (performing or producing)
  • Work (for others, for money)
  • Wasted Time (mostly involving the internet)
  • Family
  • Gaming (video games, board games, room escapes, that sort of thing)
  • Books (a maligned category that wasn't distinct enough from Media)
  • Productive (work on personal projects, errands, exercise, cleaning, etc)
  • Social Events not covered by the above
  • Other (originally code for 'can't remember', eventually code for 'didn't bother')
  • Time Travel (mostly through zones)