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How To: Reveal One Layer With Another

I saw a post online where someone was all confused about how to make something like this clip here, so I told him all you need is three layers:

  • Top layer: someone shot on green screen, keyed, with posterize time.
  • Middle layer: foreground art, using top layer as an alpha matte.
  • Bottom layer: background art!

And then that guy was all like, "Isn't there a youtube tutorial that takes 45 minutes to give me that same information? Preferably one full of self-promotional nonsense at the beginning and end?" So...

I made one! Except it's only 96 seconds long. I'm sure I'll learn to pad them out as I go.

Angry Pipefitters Union

Comedy Central offers the whole archive of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart online, which makes this as good a time as any to share with you one of my very favorite jokes, the second story in this segment.

I just read The Daily Show (The Book) and started visiting some of the clips referred to in the book like the Alphabet Game and this disastrous interview – I'm surprised that neither the publisher, nor their interns, nor an enterprising netizen* has put together a full list of links to everything referenced. Maybe it was on their already-lapsed website. I'm pretty sure that compiling such a list myself is not a good use of my time.

*I understand the modern term is probably "redditor."

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