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#2,427: Black Panther

Justice League vs. Teen Titans - ★★☆☆☆
Movie contains:
• 40% - punching
• 25% - plot
• 20% - oogling Starfire
• 10% - DDR
• 5% - Justice League

Fruitvale Station - ★★★☆☆
I think I liked everything about this movie but the movie. I loved the look, the acting is great, everyone did a good job. And while it's totally not the point of this movie, I can't help but watch through my fingers as we see this guy having a nigh-saintly last day when we know what's coming for him and start wondering about the real circumstances of his life.

This feels tricky. Is the movie less compelling if he's not such a nice guy, or an outright creep? Or if it changes so many details that the film might as well not even use the name of the real person? A couple scenes lay it on so thick that it felt like the movie might be insecure about whether or not I cared about Oscar.

Black Panther - ★★★½☆
This movie reminds me a little bit of when short-lived TV shows of the '70s would package two episodes together into a movie. I wish we could have seen the whole series so that there would be time to dig into the fridge logic stuff of how life inside Wakanda makes sense.

Plus, everyone would be happy to get to spend more time with Killmonger! He's the Boba Fett of the MCU!