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Frequency Earth Bonus: Idiomatic

We’re all hoping you had a spoooooky Thanksgiving, as ever, but this week we got you a little something to wash down all those scary ghost stories of Christmases long long ago: It’s the pilot episode of a new stage show I’m making called Idiomatic. It’s a panel show in the UK tradition (think QI, or maybe for an American audience, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me) and it’s about words and language and where phrases come from.

My feeling is that if there were ever a show that had the credit in the opening titles “based on the stand-up of Rob Schultz,” it would not be a sitcom, it would be this. And while I’m [REMORSEFUL] that the quality of the recording isn’t up the standard that Frequency Earth listeners (or really, anyone) might be accustomed to, I think that the game played really well and that we’ll continue doing the show in the new year, so I’ve got until then to figure it out.

If you like this sort of thing, or anything we do, let us know. In a lot of ways, I think a nerdy show about etymology is one of the more commercials projects I’ve put together in a while.

idiomatic photo.png