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Frequency Earth Bonus: Better Radio Live

Although we’ve been writing and recording material for Season 2 for a little while now, you won’t get to hear it until next year. I think what we’re doing is saving up another whole season that we can release week by week, because I’m guessing that people like that, and we’ve had no feedback to the contrary.

Between now and then, we'll be handing out a little bit of extra material we’ve squirreled away for the winter. Your Thanksgiving morsel? This recording of our live “best-of season one” show, performed at the mysterious Dangerfield’s 2 in Frogtown, California.

This episode features .G. Maximilian Zarou (below), Anne Freiermuth, Fletcher Kauffman, Tim Greer, and Russell Anderson mixing all of the sound effects and music and pre-recorded drop-ins in real time in front of our live studio audience.