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NotArt Home Subscription Service

Hello friend,

I wanted to tell you about a thing that I'm making, because that's the only way that people find out. 

Among the many hobbies I've picked up from Benjamin Franklin over the years, some of my favorites include designing for print, accepting unusual gifts from the French, and writing fantastical stories. That's how I got into tiny publishing. Each book is 8 pages long and suitable for framing. But much MORE suitable for reading! 

And so I've set up a subscription system that allows me to easily collect mailing addresses and pass the expenses directly on to YOU, the potential reader! is the internet's new hot spot, where everybody is signing up. Well, not everyone, but that's only because so far each issue is limited to 50 copies. Hand numbered, of course, to create a fun challenge if fame or infamy should strike.

If you're like me, you're in Los Angeles, so you could take your chances with running into me somewhere and seeing if I'll just give you each issue. But if you're not the gambling type, this mail-order service is for you. Plus, I've got 15 copies left of issue 1, and you can get one for free with issue 2, which is what you get if you subscribe in August. 

So sign up today, if you want to! It's a chance to get something good in the mail for a change! 

Your frequent correspondant,

(You have received this email because: a) you've hit me up at some point in the past about YOUR crazy scheme, b) you have, at some point, cold-called me to sell me a Toyota, or c) I could imagine you being genuinely interested in this project. Anyhow, you can't unsubscribe. It's not a mailing list.)