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Official Gangbusters! Style Note

The only literary work about punctuation I’m aware of is an odd early story by Anton Chekhov called “The Exclamation Mark.” After getting into an argument with a colleague about punctuation, a school inspector named Yefim Perekladin asks his wife what an exclamation point is for. She tells him it signifies delight, indignation, joy and rage. He realizes that in 40 years of writing official reports, he has never had the need to express any of those emotions.
— Geoff Nunberg, "After Years Of Restraint, A Linguist Says 'Yes!' To The Exclamation Point"

I thought the opening of this column was great. It reminded me of this article about the exclamation point from last year. I think the overall tone and intent is to turn you away from an excess of exclamations, but there's something about each article (This quote, or the LIBRARY!) that leaves me convinced that we're doing the right thing over here at Gangbusters!.