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Escape Room Reviews: Bugsy's Nightmare

Company: Xterious Escape (Las Vegas)
Room: Bugsy’s Nightmare
Date Played: 7/13/17
Player Count: 7, 2 of us and a group of 5 strangers
Success:  Success! (Although perhaps a bit overtime)

Premise: It’s Las Vegas, 1945. You must steal some macguffin documents from your boss the mobster before he comes back from his errands!

Immersion: The room was nicely built, if a touch plain. The puzzles were more of the game show variety. 

Highlights: A lot of the puzzle mechanisms were things I have not seen anywhere else. Some of the object interactions were pretty satisfying. A few of the people in the group that joined us called my dad “Pops” a lot. 

Lowlights: There was one puzzle that, even with a hint and then an explicit answer, I have no idea how we were supposed to solve. The customer service wasn’t great - it seemed like the few employees there were spread pretty thin (and that this is why my group and another were combined, even though the other group reserved a different room). On the plus side, their inattentiveness gave us a couple of extra minutes to finish things up...

And Finally: With the exception of that one puzzle, this room is pretty well-designed, and bigger than I expected. Our team consisted of a couple of experienced players and a couple of first-timers that . I think my usual group would have come out of this one satisfied and smiling. Out of 29 games, I rate this one #16.   

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