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Written by Rob Schultz (human).

Escape Room Reviews: Escape From Corporation X

Company: Amazing Escape Room
Room: Escape from Corporation X
Date Played: 7/4/17
Player Count: 2. 4 would've been better.
Success:  Failure!

Premise: From their website, "You thought volunteering to be part of an experimental program with the mysterious X Corporation would be a fun idea."

Immersion: None to speak of, really.  This is a puzzle room, first and foremost. Expect puzzle stations and clues glued to walls. The room isn't decorated to simulate or resemble anything in particular.

Highlights: The puzzles we found intuitive were more fun than the puzzles where we got stuck. The customer service was really quite good (especially compared to our previous visit) – after we ran out of time, the employee who came to get us not only walked us through what we had left to do, but let us actually do the remaining steps. I don't know if I've seen that before. (Maybe because, ahem, we usually escape...)

Lowlights: One classic failed Spot Hidden. One somewhat deceptive fake-out lock. Not winning.

And Finally:  Our previous experience with Amazing Escape was the Mystery of the Red Dragon, one of the lock-ingest lock-fests that ever locked a lock. So after a run of rooms built on high technology, we selected Amazing specifically because we wanted to put some keys in some locks. And that's simply not what Escape from Corporation X is about. We were a little disappointed in this room, because b) we lost, and a) it wasn't what we expected, but neither of those are necessarily their fault. What is their fault is that the production design is a little bit bland, and no one puzzle really stood out as a set piece. In the time since we've played it's already become difficult to refer back to this one as a distinct and memorable game. Please remember that my completely unreasonable numbered list of escape experiences is subjective when I tell you that out of 27 rooms, I'm ranking this one at number 21. 

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