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#2,401: Thor: Ragnarok

Happy Death Day - ★★★★☆
Hands down my favorite Blumhouse movie. I was suspicious of another teens + Groundhog Day movie, but ended up totally on board. As a bonus, I’m pretty sure the twists and turns and whodunnits actually DO hang together. It gets so much right that Before I Fall totally wiped out on, and unlike most Blumhouse movies, it resolves the story at the end!

Avengers: Age of Ultron - ★★★☆☆
Just a quick rewatch in eager anticipation of Infinity War. That party scene at the beginning is the kind of scene X-Men fans love to read and will probably never get in film form. Turned it off before the lights-and-noise conclusion.

Thor: Ragnarok - ★★★★☆
This installment feels like it takes place in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy universe as much as the MCU.
• The music’s great.
• Infinite swords is a silly power.
• I kind of felt bad for Karl Urban.
• Even though it’s been revealed since the first teaser trailer, the script totally thinks that it’s going to surprise you with the Hulk.
• How amazing is it that anyone has managed to make a Hulk that is a highlight of every movie he appears in?
• Korg was like a spiteful proof of concept of how The Thing could work on screen.