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Kickstarter Monday: Apparel

For the first Monday of the month, Media Monday is a Kickstarter Katchup. This month, some projects that let me wear my backing on my sleeve:

A hat that says ‘movies’ on it - You know how sometimes, if you don’t want to buy the actual thing being made or whatever, but you still support the project, you can back at a lower level and just get a thank you, or a bumper sticker or something? I got a t-shirt that says ‘movies’ on it. I'd have understood if it was a shirt that said "A hat that says 'movies' on it" but it doesn't. It says ‘movies.’ I consider backing this project a great success.

Slim 360 Wallet - The wallet I bought from the book store / gift shop when I was visiting colleges was pretty well worn out after a decade and change, so I found a new one on Kickstarter. I went with this one because the campaign was running when I was looking, it must have seemed nicer than the others available at the same time, and it wasn't too expensive. It turned out great, and I backed one of the same creator’s later projects in order to get a gift for my dad, who by all accounts is happy with his new slimmer wallet as well.  

"DARIUSTX vs. the Angels of Goliad" - This is an album by Darius Holbert, who wrote music for my podcast, Better Radio, for free, even though we’d never met. I was very happy to be able to repay him in some small way. I haven’t ever listened to this album, but I wear the t-shirt around a lot. 

I know how officially and all, kickstarter isn't a store, but sometimes it kind of is. It's a little less exciting than an aluminum car or a perpetual motion machine, but backing three simple projects that do exactly what they say is still pretty satisfying.