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Written by Rob Schultz (human).

Hey, you guys remember Slamball?

I'm a big podcast listener.  I'm subscribed to a roiling, overfull cauldron of shows. I've got my daily listens, my weekly listens, my binge listens, shows I save for specific activities or trips to certain places, and it's too much media to really keep up with. Sometimes when I get into a new show–I always want to start listening from the beginning–and I blast through a bunch of episodes, the charm fades.  I notice that I'm listening to it faster and faster, and then at ultra-high speeds and I'm still skipping through chunks, and at some point, there's that freeing moment when I remember I can just... unsubscribe! It's great. Maybe not as great as unfollowing someone on twitter, but I've been almost-free of twitter for like a year or two now. Twitter's a terrible place. Even worse if you happen to know comedians. But I digress. 

Gimlet Media is a podcast company that started with StartUp - a podcast about making a company that makes podcasts, including and at one time limited to: StartUp. Since then, I've tried everything else they've put out. Most of them don't stick, but they're well made and I'm always in the market for a new show. One that actually has lasted in my subscriptions is, in fact, StartUp. Please enjoy this episode, "How to Invent a New Sport," aka the complete history of SLAMBALL.

What is SLAMBALL? Why aren't you just listening to the podcast?  Slamball is the sport of the future! It's basketball–you know, basketball?–but instead of being played on a court, playground, or driveway, it's played in a specially-built arena with trampolines instead of floor. It's got all the danger of playing irresponsibly on trampolines, mixed with... all of the danger of over-confident dudes on trampolines. In front of TV cameras. Sometimes at Set List (Thursdays, 10:30pm, Pack Theater), instead of doing an interstitial bit in the show, I like to just put on a reel of Slamball highlights. Enjoy!


Set List at the Pack is a completely improvised stand-up show that happens every Thursday night at 10:30, at the Pack Theater in Los Angeles, CA.