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iOS 10 == v. bad

I installed iOS 10 the other day, and today I reverted back to 9. 

I started to write a long screed about how many extra taps and swipes it takes to do everything, maybe post that anecdote about Jobs getting mad at not being able to find any song on an iPod in three clicks.

But I guess that's not really what I want to post. I don't want to be 'all get off my lawn' about this. I tested and then opted out of the latest OS X version as well. It just comes down to both of them taking existing workflows and breaking them, or making them more difficult, without any obvious benefits in exchange.

Maybe iOS 10 makes sense if you have 3D touch, which my iPhone 6 does not. That's why I'm going to stick with a version of the software that was intended for my hardware, instead of a version that compromises in order to run on my hardware. 


(Seriously though, what's Apple's interest in driving users to night shift?)

ETA: It occurs to me that my casual dislike of 10 is also going to quash my pipedream of picking up an iPhone 6SE.  Here's hoping there's a 7SE next year...