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Media Monday: Video Game Edition

Tiny Tower Vegas -  - Another Tiny Tower! The economy in this game was much slower than in the original game, so it took me more than a year - maybe pushing two - to collect all every floor. Finally done!

Lost tracks -  - Not much of a game, really. This was a student project I read about online somewhere.

Sky Force Reloaded -  - I've collected and completed everything available so far in this game. Better curve and card power ups than the 2014 edition, which I've gone back to replaying now that this one is pretty much done. 

Emily is Away - . - Good atmosphere. This is an epistolary type of game set in late 90s instant messaging. I always run into the same problem with these kind of games though, which is that I want to replay to see another branch of the tree, and then you realize how little effect your input actually has on the course of events.

Affordable Space Adventures - Wii - I've been looking forward to this since seeing the demo at E3 last year. The co-op in this was great! I was expecting player two to get a flashlight, but the split of controls was a treat. Definitely a game about the journey more than the destination. If I would have waited like two weeks, I could have gotten the game for next to nothing in a humble bundle, but I can feel good about giving the devs full price for this one.