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#2,171: Inside Out

Mad Max: Fury Road - ★★★★☆
Still fun, easy to imagine how you'd end up watching this in years to come or as a frenetic background of some kind, but for this summer I'm maybe wearing down on it a little.

Terminator Genisys - ★★★☆☆
You think the first trailer gives away the big twist. Then you see the second trailer, which does give away the big twist. Then you start to think that's too big of a reveal, so it must be a fake-out. But it's not. Anyway, this is, I guess, my favorite non-canonical Terminator movie, and it wipes the slate clean for a whole new series of big budget Terminator fanfic.

The Terminator - ★★★★☆
When I was a kid I'd decided to tell people that they were going to make a sequel that was all about the future war. There was nothing to back up my story, and nobody in particular to tell it to, but the future segments just seemed so amazing. Of course, that's because all we get are glimpses, which are the correct amount. The movies about the future war are each a disaster.

I didn't realize, while watching T5, just how much of T1 they lifted. T1's still the better movie, of course. I love the look of movie lasers from the 80s.

Inside Out - ★★★★☆
I remember books that I read as a kid that were obviously, unambiguously fiction, and yet some explanation or concept from them stuck with me and became how I thought of or visualized a part of the real world. I don't know if this will become the most beloved of Pixar movies, but I do think this representation of the psyche is going to really stick with a lot of people. And I'm so happy that Pete Docter got to make another new movie. In 2016 we batten down the hatches and ride out wave after wave of sequels. (Okay, everybody loves the sequels, but I don't want them.)