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#2,151: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Spin - ★★★☆☆
I wonder if a movie like this is technically achievable today - if the pre-air feeds are still available in our digital era. I suppose they still exist in some form; I recall watching the first airstrikes of the Iraq war on CNN's syndicate feed.

Anyhow, it was kind of fun to see all of these politicians playing the same games we play today, but with players we haven't seen in a while. I'm sure that's not the right take-away here.

The Exterminating Angel - ★★★☆☆
I wish I knew a little bit more about the time and politics in which this was made; I get the sense that darts were being thrown at targets I can't see. I was super on-board with the first half of the movie and surprised, almost disappointed, to see how few loose ends were left behind, which is an unusual feeling.


Lifeboat - ★★★★☆
I bought this DVD at least 10 years ago. More, probably. I carried it around with me everywhere for a time, ready to watch at a moment's notice. It was a real treat to finally open the plastic on this one... and then a real hassle to deal with all of the security stickers.

As much as it was a relief to finally see the movie, it was a greater relief that the movie itself was a good one. I'll sort this one into the upper half of my Hitchcock collection.

Avengers: Age of Ultron - ★★★★★
I have my suspicions that Age of Ultron is like a Harry Potter movie, which is to say that although it might not be very good as a piece of cinema, it's very effective at playing to its established fan base, which is one of the largest in the world at the moment. And as a target audience member, it worked on me just fine.