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On video journalism...

Some really good advice I was given at the start, and that stuck with me, is when you go somewhere, to make a film or do an interview or whatever, don’t get your camera out straightaway. Don’t start filming everything. Take your time, get the lay of the land, meet the people, think about the film. You know, build relationships, know what’s what, and then start filming. Get what you need. Be efficient. And then leave.

Don’t walk in, pull your camera out going “oh look at this shiny thing I’m going to film that! Look at that! I’ll ask you a question! I’ll ask you a question! Oh!” That’s what young inexperienced people do. They film everything, they panic, and then they get back to the office and they’ve got like 18 hours of footage and they don’t know what to do.
— Brady Haran, Hello Internet #39: Getting Things Done

Two related facts of my life lately are that I'm doing a lot of After Effects-related work and that I'm listening to a lot more podcasts. I liked this part when I heard it, and I thought to myself that more people could use this advice, and that I should write it down.  And so I did.