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#2,201: The Martian

The Queen of Versailles - ★★★★☆
Wow. That's what I said aloud over and over while watching this.

Race to Nowhere - ★★½☆☆ 
I thought this was going to be about tigers and helicopters, but I was wrong. It's about how homework is too hard. I was very suspicious of this movie, doubly so now that I see how old it is. I'll believe that No Child Left Behind has caused some drastic and unfortunate changes in schools, but I'm not sure I buy these kids as the average sample.

An Honest Liar - ★★★½☆
Good on this doc for (1) being about something that interests me, (2) telling the stories I (and presumably plenty of others casually aware of Randi) already know efficiently, and then (3) hitting me with a couple of increasingly surprising stories I didn't already know. ✓

The Martian - ★★★★★
Nothing says autumn in Hollywood like a big space movie. I think it's great that this is a movie full of hope. The hope almost squelches the horror.

Really solid for also being such a faithful adaptation. Confusing though, that Sean Bean plays a character that survives. Looking forward to this being corrected in the director's cut.