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#2,093: Witness for the Prosecution

The Last Stand - ★½☆☆☆ 
I watched this because I thought it was Sabotage, which I'd heard was better than people think. But it wasn't. This would be made-for-TV if someone hadn't hoodwinked Arnold into a role.
The Ghost Army - ★★½☆☆
I knew these guys existed, so I jumped on this movie as soon as I saw it in the endless netflix scroll. There's interesting stuff in it, but I kind of blundered right into a doc that feels like every WWII doc. The best part is seeing the art the troops made during their service.
TINY: A Story About Living Small - ★★½☆☆
This is a fun topic for a movie, even if the movie might not be very good. Everything about the main characters is kind of confusing, which sort of makes sense when the credits come up and you see that they made the movie too. Seeing the range of tiny homes other people have made is neat. I think I might be a little too tall for one of these myself.

Murder by Decree - ★★½☆☆
It was a shrewd move, writing "the best Sherlock Holmes movie ever made" on the poster of this movie, but it is not true today, if it ever was. The opening, which checks off items on a laundry list of Holmes references, felt as forced and silly to me as every direct Lovecraft adaptation that tries to work in every Arkham-related proper noun the writers can think of. The interesting part was seeing Sherlock statted up very differently than we usually see him today – contrast this version, who is just awful at fighting of any kind, with Guy Ritchie's version, a master of hand-to-hand combat. Even if the plot wasn't especially original, the characterizations of this version seem to be their own.

Witness for the Prosecution - ★★★★½
This one's a lot of fun. Of course, because the announcer asked me not to, I won't discuss the ending with you, but just knowing it was an Agatha Christie adaptation meant I was going in with my eyes open extra wide, suspicious and looking for clues.