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#2,080: Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Whiplash - ★★★★★
Just a few days after watching Gone Girl. What a week! Some intriguing editorial decisions that make me want to watch it again. Little bit of fridge logic towards the end, but I love when someone in a movie is good at something, so any nitpicks are more than made up for.
Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour - ★★½☆☆
Fun, but a little bit unsatisfying. The collection of scenes don't carry the rhythm of a live set, and I hope the interstitials are in-jokes. In some ways, this kind of thing is subject to the same troubles as filming improv scenes. I think that I think this should be a touring act, but it probably shouldn't be a movie.

Sherlock, Jr. - ★★★★
From the stunts to the match cuts to the writing of jokes that hold up, this is fantastic work.

Steamboat Bill, Jr. - ★★★☆☆
A little bit slower, a little bit less fun than Sherlock Jr. More emphasis on narrative, and yet it all feels like a prelude to the storm setpiece this movie was probably built around. To be fair, the storm and rescues that follow are terrific, and worth watching for. Also, the accompaniment was a little bit too clever in the version I watched.