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Unacceptable, Part 9

This week is part 9 of my 4-part series of fill-in pieces on The Higgs Weldon. Lately, we've been going back in time just slightly with each installment. And this week: we do it again!

“I’m not trying to be difficult, but this is unacceptable,” I said to my phone’s translator app. It beeped at me three times. It didn’t look like the Brazilian embassy’s armed guards spoke three beeps. I checked the settings. “Brazilian” wasn’t even available in the list of languages; this thing was no help.

I took a step back and looked the building up and down, hoping for a way in that didn’t involve making friends with or murdering these guards.

Come for the stuff about the guards, stay for the foreshadowing and hints of plot going both forwards and back, IN TIME ITSELF!

(Also, y'know, SUBMIT to The Higgs Weldon)