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Unacceptable, Part 18

Attention! Attention! This week on The Higgs Weldon, Unacceptable explores brand new territory: picking up right where the second-to-last installment left off!

“I’m not trying to be difficult, but this is unacceptable,” said the me-from-half-an-hour-ago on the computer monitor. A TUSK-agent-from-half-an-hour-ago poured a bucket of tepid water on his head. I tapped a few commands into Dr. Valrus’s computer and the last eight hours of security camera footage was scrambled.

I checked the live camera feeds from around the Warren, TUSK’s secret headquarters. Various low level agents were running back and forth, presumably looking for me, but nobody had even tried the door to Dr. Valrus’s command center. In the few minutes since I’d switched off the alarms, some of the TUSKs had already decided it must have been a false alarm and returned to their posts.

Isn't TUSK just the worst? What a stupid organization. Read all about them and their dumb Warren today!

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