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Unacceptable, Part 11

I could be using my time productively, but I'm mentioning this next installment of Unacceptable as a service to you. The second thing you do is to read how it starts, which is with

“I’m not trying to be difficult, but this is unacceptable!” I shouted to Vanessa as I climbed down the ladder to the tarmac. She lit down the ladder after me with a remarkable grace. At least, I found it remarkable. At least, I’m remarking about it now.

“No one to blame but yourself, Colin,” said Vanessa. “New op? New cover. New country? New cover. Not interested in carrying around a complete set of encyclopedias? New cover. Rules to live by.”

The third thing you do is read the rest of it. The first thing you do is click the link to go to the page where the words are.

The fourth thing you do is write your own story, featuring only the characters and situations that appear in the above story or any others and SUBMIT it to The Higgs Weldon.