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Songs are Sad in January 2014

Hello there. A brief interruption from Unacceptable this week to make room for a new monthly column on The Higgs Weldon, SONGS ARE SAD. In it, I explain why songs are sad. Here's a couple paragraphs that should convince you that I am an authority on the music that you like.

I am like a music critic. I am not a music critic, but I am like one. The best music critics, the Internet has taught me, are here to tell you why the music you like is terrible. Especially if it’s new music. Yuck.

I don’t listen to much new music myself. I feel like I’m probably too young to have stopped listening to new music, but then, I felt that way about six years ago when I noticed it had happened to me.

This month we take on "Walking on Sunshine," "We Didn't Start the Fire," and "Call me Maybe." Next month, we'll take on whatever songs you suggest at